Social Media Setup


The registration of you company can become a very tedious, costly and frustrating process in starting up your new company and something you want to leave to the experts who works with these processes on daily basis and who knows the right contacts.

What's INcluded

We will help you create your social media accounts and set up your stunning brand pages from where you will start your marketing campaigns.
Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | TikTok | YouTube | Google Places

From your website, we will help you create your social media backlinks so people can easily click and follow you on your social media.

Some social media platforms require you to verify your Website before starting your marketing campaigns and getting better results as a verified user. We will integrate and verify your Website in an instant.

Don’t send your customers an unverified, long social media username (handle). Let us help you claim a unique and unified social handle across all your social platforms.

List all your testimonial, brand, and product review videos on your YouTube Channel and link them to your site. Use your Youtube channel to post tutorial videos and build your brand visually.

What do I need to get started?

Social Media Setup

Here are some samples of social media pages we have done for various clients.

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