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Need A Website for your new Business?

Having a strong visible online presence for your business is critical. The more visible the better chance of getting new leads and sales. Make sure you stay current with the latest tools that will put you first on the list when people search for your products or services.

What's INcluded

Securing the best URL for your website is critical for customers to find your business when searching for related products and services. We’ll help you register the best possible local URL to yield the best search results.

Registering and securing a suitable .com domain while writing your business for future global expansion is essential. If you have a local business, we will point the .com domain to your local business website till you are ready to go big.

We pride ourselves on being the authority of Website Integrity. Clean design and simple navigation are essential, but your site should convert your leads into profits. Huge, clumsy information websites are a thing of the past – Your customers either need to sign up, book, click, contact, or buy on your site.

Many companies will build your website and leave it up to you to add your content. Unfortunately, more than 80% of business owners writing their content focus on themselves, their products, and services and trying to sell themselves instead of focusing on the product’s product and what it is in for the client. If done incorrectly, copywriting is an art and can chase away your clients rather than invite them to do business with you.

Your website contact form is one of the places where your customers will contact you. Did you know that over 50% of potential customers are lost due to poorly set up website contact form fields and layout? Let your customers know where to find you by integrating a Google Maps API into your contact form.

Do you want to sell courses, workshops, or training online? We will set up your entire LMS platform where you can set up and manage your classes, assessment structures, and certification.

Does your business sell products online? We will help you set up your online shopping cart with access to add and manage your products, customers, sales, and more

Do you need an invoicing system for your customers? No worries – we will provide you with a professional online invoicing system that keeps track of all your client payments, sends out automated invoices and notifications, and allows your customers to view and pay their invoices online.

Do your customers need to pay via Instant EFT, credit card, or Paypal? We will assist in setting up the best-recommended payment gateway that will integrate with your LMS, Shopping cart, or invoicing system.

With each package we provide a free one-year hosting and maintenance contract. We take care of your website security and make sure your site is up and running 24/7.

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Here are some samples of websites we have done for various clients.

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