"An All-Inclusive Startup Setup Solution to enhance your chance of success"

We are a award-winning team of business development experts with a passion for design, efficiency and excellence.

OUR Philosophy

To providing our customers with exceptional service. products and design. true and honest advice, and 100% satisfaction at Launch.

Our Mission

To help Startups and Entrepreneurs raise the Success Probability of their businesses. while saving Time, Money and Frustration.

we exist

South Africa’s 75% failing rate of startup businesses is one of the highest in the world and a significant concern.

Our professional umbrella startup solutions boost the chance of success, lower the time to launch, and lower the cost of approaching individual service providers that do not understand or align with your brand.

Your Project Manager

Your dedicated Project Manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing the comprehensive progress of your business development. They ensure that your highly skilled development team stays on track, delivering top-notch quality work.

Your Design Team

Your award-winning in-house designers recognize that usability, functionality, and visualization are three of the most important factors when designing components of an excellent, appealing Brand.

Your Development Team

Your expert Development Team, well-versed in your business industry and brand, is dedicated to crafting a cutting-edge business infrastructure using the latest techniques and platforms, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Over 50 Specialised Startup Items